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Better Energy Solutions

New technologies and business models are fundamentally changing the way we make, manage, and use energy. We call these technologies “advanced energy,” and they are leading toward a prosperous future.

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An Economic Opportunity

Texas is a natural for advanced energy. Texas has abundant homegrown resources for making the energy we use secure, clean, reliable, and affordable. And Texas has the pro-business, pro-growth spirit to make the most of the advanced energy opportunity.

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Making It Happen

The Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance is made up of companies that are making it happen. As these companies grow, so does the Texas economy, creating jobs and contributing toward prosperity for all Texans.

TAEBA Reports

Advanced Energy Jobs in Texas 2018

Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance (TAEBA) released its latest employment fact sheet showing that Texas has 233,000 people working in advanced energy in all 254 counties across the Lone Star State.This represents more workers than those in Mining, Oil & Gas (231,364), and about double those working at Auto Dealers (118,353) across the Lone Star state.

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Advanced Energy Jobs in Texas 2016

At just over 143,000 workers, advanced energy employs twice as many Texans as airlines, more than chemical manufacturing and petroleum refining, and nearly as many as building construction. The advanced energy industry now supports just over 1% of statewide employment and is expected to grow 7% by the end of 2016, with employers adding 9,334 new jobs by the end of the year. These are some of the results drawn from a new national Energy Employment Index, produced by BW Research Partnership, a leading workforce and economic development research firm. Advanced Energy Jobs in Texas 2016, prepared by BW Research for TAEBA, is the first report on the size of advanced energy employment in the Lone Star State.

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Advanced Energy in Texas

Industry Size, Trends, and Companies

This report, prepared by Navigant Research for Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance, is the first-ever analysis of the advanced energy industry in the Lone Star State, estimating market size, identifying key trends, and highlighting growth companies. Overall finding: the advanced energy market in Texas totals $16 billion in revenue, roughly 8% of the U.S. market – and enough to buy the Dallas Cowboys five times over.

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