Policy Priorities

Consumers and businesses today depend on energy that is reliable and affordable, and have also come to expect continuous connectivity, fast speeds, and extensive control. The increased need for reliability, the rising economic cost of blackouts, and the growing threat of cyber attacks can all be addressed through a more flexible and responsive energy system that draws on a variety of advanced energy resources and gives all participants a role in energy decisions. By optimizing the electricity infrastructure that supports Texas prosperity, and by moving toward a more diverse and dynamic energy system in which customers have the opportunity to adopt advanced energy technologies and participate in new markets, we can also foster competition and innovation that will drive down costs while meeting our evolving energy needs.

Advanced energy is not just a contributor to our energy future; it is an economic engine as well. In 2014, advanced energy was a $16 billion revenue industry in Texas and a $200 billion revenue industry in the United States that supports more than 3 million jobs. Thoughtful public policies and a continued commitment to removing barriers to competition will give Texas the opportunity to position itself as the national leader in deployment of advanced energy technology.

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TAEBA is working to ensure a vibrant advanced energy economy in Texas by focusing on these policy areas:

Driving Technology Adoption & Market Transformation:

TAEBA is working to support, defend, and introduce policies to increase the size and value of markets for advanced energy companies within the state of Texas. This work includes reform of utility regulatory and business models as needed to support the use of advanced energy technologies and services by utilities, third-party providers, and customers. 

Download Factsheets on Distributed Energy Resources 101; DERs Bring Value to Texas; Integrating DERs in Wholesale Markets; and Non Wires Solutions (DERs) Reduce T&D Expenses

Expanding Wholesale Markets:

TAEBA advocates for removal of barriers to the participation of advanced energy technologies in competitive wholesale markets in ERCOT. This work includes reforming market rules and operating practices that restrict or limit the ability of advanced energy technologies to participate in the markets, pursuing new market designs that better accommodate and take advantage of the unique physical and operation characteristics of advanced energy technologies, and opposing proposals that would unfairly disadvantage advanced energy technologies and/or give undue preference to incumbent technologies.  

Download Factsheets on Hybrid Energy Resources Transforming the ERCOT Grid

Electrifying Transportation:

TAEBA focuses on activities to accelerate EV deployment in Texas by tackling policies that reduce the upfront cost of the vehicle, accelerate charging infrastructure deployment, modernize utility regulations to integrate EVs, and address the specific challenges facing medium - and heavy - duty vehicles. 

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