Caitlin Marquis
Policy Director

Caitlin Marquis serves as a technical and strategic expert across multiple initiatives at TAEBA. She leads engagement of the Advanced Energy Buyers Group, a coalition of leading companies that are working to expand their use of advanced energy. Caitlin also supports TAEBA’s engagement on wholesale markets. Before joining TAEBA, Caitlin worked at Altenex, LLC (now Edison Energy), helping companies with renewable energy procurement. Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College and a Master of Science from Oxford University.


Adam Winer

Communications Director

Adam Winer leads TAEBA’s communications operations promoting the advanced energy industry in Texas. He develops and executes communications strategies and oversees the organization’s media relations activities to expand awareness and impact of TAEBA’s policy priorities. Previously, Adam worked at Consumer Reports where he expanded news coverage of its energy and sustainability advocacy portfolio. Prior to transitioning into strategic communications, Adam spent 10 years as an on-air local television news reporter, working at NBC and ABC affiliates in Florida, Kentucky, and Maryland.

Micalah Spenrath

Policy Principal

Micalah Spenrath supports TAEBA’s legislative and regulatory engagement to energize the transition to an advanced energy economy in her home state. Micalah obtained her bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Earth Science from the University of Texas at Arlington and her master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Her interdisciplinary experience includes project management, consulting, and government. Prior to joining TAEBA, Micalah managed state environmental projects at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and federal projects at a private grant management firm.

Gabriela Olmedo 

Policy Associate

Gabriela Olmedo supports TAEBA’s legislative and regulatory engagement to drive advanced energy adoption. Prior to joining TAEBA, Gabriela worked as a Policy and Programs Research Intern with the Center for Good Food Purchasing and as a Consultant with the Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network, where she conducted research and analysis to provide clients with business solutions. Gabriela holds a Bachelor of Science in Society and Environment from the University of California, Berkeley. 


Sam Ressin

Policy Associate

Sam Ressin supports TAEBA's efforts to ensure that market rules allow for advanced energy technologies to fully participate through engagement in the ERCOT stakeholder process and the PUCT. Before joining TAEBA, Sam worked in the Office of Air Data Analysis and Planning at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. He received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics from the University of Pittsburgh.


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