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Tell legislators:

Support  affordable and reliable energy 

Texas' energy leadership will be critical to the recovery of our state. Our leaders need to support policies in this legislative session that embrace resilient technologies that can withstand unforeseen storms and conditions, are affordable AND reliable.

New solutions bolster Texas' leadership–and that's why we need our policy makers to look beyond just weatherization and supply side resources. Distributed energy resources (DERs) are the next frontier for our energy grid to keep the lights on at a price that all Texans can afford.

What are DERs?

DERs are a growing segment of the Texas advanced energy economy, capable of producing power, managing electric demand, and delivering grid services. They include a broad range of technologies like:

  • Distributed solar
  • Battery and thermal storage
  • Customer-owned generation
  • Smart thermostats
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electric vehicles
  • Demand response

Policies That Keep The Lights On


Tell legislators to support these bills in this session:

Senate Bill 415 / House Bill 1672

(Hancock / Holland)

These bills would allow batteries to provide reliability services.


Senate Bill 1303 / House Bill 4120

(Blanco / Deshotel)

These bills would prioritize electric school buses in an existing bus replacement program.



Senate Bill 398 / House Bill 3696

(Menendez / Deshotel)

These bills would protect customers who want to use on-site solar and storage.




Senate Bill 1202


This bill would exempt  electric vehicle charging stations from classification of "retail electric utility."

House Bill 1556


This bill would promote additional development of large scale energy storage.



House Bill 1607


This bill would require reform to ERCOT transmission planning and accelerate infrastructure development.


Senate Bill 243 /

House Bill 4556 /
House Bill 2359

(Eckhardt / Anchia / Reynolds)

These bills would add an energy savings goal to existing utility efficiency goals.

House Bill 3624


This bill would remove barriers to on-site battery storage.



Senate Bill 1479


This bill would allow distributed energy resources to participate in competitive wholesale markets.