Distributed Energy Resources in Texas: Resilience and Reliability in the Time of COVID

Recorded on June 17th, 2020

Advanced energy technologies are providing critical resilience to support essential Texas businesses and Texas residents. For example, clean energy microgrids can support hospitals respond to the surge of coronavirus patients. Rooftop solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency provide reliability, resilience, and lower energy bills, while families are working and learning from home in this new normal. But even when the COVID crisis is past us, distributed energy resources will play a critical role in the Texas economy by bringing advanced energy jobs and economic growth to Texas. Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance (TAEBA) recently released a report showing that DERs can bring $5.47 billion of value over 10 years by prolonging the use of existing, functional utility infrastructure and by better integrating DERs into electricity markets. This webinar will discuss opportunities that DERs bring to Texas and provide case studies of how DERs are bringing value to Texas.


  • Suzanne Leta, Senior Manager, Global Market Strategy, SunPower
  • Mona Tierney-Lloyd, Head, U. S. State Public Policy and Institutional Affairs, Enel X
  • Jeff Morris, Director, State Government Relations, Schneider Electric
  • Tom Lyons, Vice President - Asset Development, Ameresco


  • Suzanne Bertin, Managing Director, TAEBA

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